The Lunch Experience (Home Edition)

If you've followed me for a while, then you're familiar. If you're new, then Howdy, Welcome to the Lunch Experience. The LE is a friendly place built for mommies and daddies to gain inspiration in what to feed your littles. I began this tag as I chose to primarily pack my kids' lunches while they were in school. My kids found school lunch to be dull, lacking in variety, and just not that good. So, with their request, many years ago, I began immersing myself in all things kids' lunch. You'd be surprised how many groups, YouTube channels and blogs are devoted to packing lunch. My personal favorite is the YouTube channel Bunches of Lunches. After many years of perfecting my lunch game, the Lunch Experience was born and I can honestly say that my kids look forward to lunch everyday. Now that we're home, I am able to make things fresh and include things on the menu that I otherwise would not if it had to be packed. So without further ado, I present to you The Lunch Experience Home Edition!!!

As discussed in a previous post, I am pretty consistent with lunch and snack time during our school days. By doing so, the kids are much more likely to focus during work times because they don't have to guess when lunch or snack time is coming. I make their lunch menu for the week on Sunday. We've kept one tradition from when they were in traditional school, breakfast for lunch on Wednesdays. Likewise with pizza Fridays. Its just something that we've carried over. I also get them involved in the grocery shopping for the week to be sure that I'm not only making a substantial lunch, but a lunch that they like. There is no use in wasting food that you know that your kids don't or won't eat. Finally, for snack time, I allow them to pick anything from the snack basket. It's filled with pre-approved items so that's one less thing I worry about.

I love all things kids' lunches and I'm sure many may feel that this is over the top, and that's ok. One thing I've loved about creating the Lunch Experience is the bonding opportunity that it creates with my kids. They love cooking with me, shopping with me, and nothing is better than seeing their faces when they see the effort that was put into their meal. Lunch isn't just lunch, it's an experience, and that's the Binford Way!!!