The Great School Debate of 2020

Not unlike every other family in America right now, we've been discussing how we'll move forward with school in Fall 2020. Out of my three kids, two are school-aged. I have a rising 9th grader and a rising 2nd grader, both of whom are desperate to get back to school. And I get it. My oldest Jordyn had her 8th grade year sabotaged by Covid, gypping her of the final months with many of her friends. They will scatter to different schools and it may very well have been the last time she saw many of them. It was also Lauryn's first year of private school, an experience that proved to be God-sent and a match made in heaven. Huntsville City Schools (HCS) has given us two options, we can opt for traditional school (aka sending them into the mouth of the disease infested beast) or virtual school (learning at home through electronic means with the hopes that they are absorbing). As easy as the decision seems, I still struggled to officially choose. And my dilemma was for more than one reason.

Though I must admit that traditional school for Fall 2020 NEVER came across as safe to me, I still wished that my kids could return to some semblance of normalcy. In March, when the shelter-in-place order was implemented, the school systems had to follow suit.

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with the virtual program put into place by HCS. On most days, Jordyn (8th grader) had nothing to do. I was afraid that if I chose the virtual option, that we'd have a horrible repeat of the lazy style of instruction given during the last part of the previous school year. On the other hand, my private-schooler had a wonderful experience with the virtual learning option implemented by her school. She did not miss a beat with her weekly routine and by the end of the year, I was left feeling confident that she learned all that she needed to move on to the next grade. However, for the upcoming school year, her school has decided to offer virtual learning only to 3rd grade and up. Lauryn will be in 2nd grade, and to make matters worse, due to my indecisiveness and procrastination, I was informed that 2nd grade has filled up and she no longer has a spot. So, to recap, Jordyn's school offers virtual learning options but our experience was less than stellar, and Lauryn's school's virtual option is unavailable for her grade. You feel my pain, right?

With the choices that have been given, I feel most comfortable virtually educating my children, at least for the first semester until we see what the future holds. But to do so, I'd have to supplement Jordyn's curriculum and purchase a homeschool curriculum for Lauryn. If I'm being completely honest, my biggest fear about my choice is not being adequate enough to guide them during the learning process. While I'm a teacher (collegiate instructor to be exact), I purposefully chose to educate adults because let's face it, it is a God-given calling to have the creativity and patience to teach littles. But I know that all things will work out for our good, not because it just will, but because the Word tells me so. I know that many days will be challenging and there will be a learning curve in the beginning to establish both a routine and learning atmosphere, but we're up for the task. So, let the homeschooling adventure begin!!!


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