Living In My Mom's Basement

Ok, so it's not exactly her basement. In fact, my mom doesn't even have a basement. It's really just the guest bedroom. None-the-less, here is why we decided to ditch our mortgage and move in with my parents with three kids during Corona. I know, we're crazy!

In January of this year, my husband asked me if i would be willing to sell our home. I really didn't object, because I'd been complaining about our lack of space since adding our third child to the mix. Then he said "Great, we'll sell and move in with Mimi and Papa, until we find a house." My brakes pumped instantly. "Are you crazy?" I asked, I'm sure with a lot more screech and a few choice expletives. After all, why in the world would I agree to even less space than we already had by moving in with someone else? I admit, it took months of convincing and by late March as our move date loomed, my stomach was sick. I was scared and I didn't see the light until the ninth hour.

We moved in with my parents just one week before Alabama's shelter-in-place went into effect. Though this was such a scary time for many, it proved to be a blessing for our family for many reasons. First, my kids got to shelter-in-place with their grandparents. So many of my friends have spoken about the heartache they and their children faced by being away from their loved ones for so long. I feel truly blessed to be able to share this time with my parents. Second, we were able to pool our resources. My mom is a small business owner and due to the shelter-in-place order, her salon was forced to close for months. In addition, my step-father is a dialysis patient that requires lots of care. We arrived just in time. Like so many other times, our family was able to work together for a greater good and help each other. We were able to lighten the financial load and my mom was able to lend me a helping hand with my kids (mainly Carmyn), which was and continues to be especially helpful during pregnancy (see earlier post). Last but certainly not least, my husband and I were able to build a substantial savings for our future home. While we had this unique opportunity, we decided to take full advantage and work toward our dreams.

I began to look for the perfect house, but kept running into homes that just "almost' met the mark. Again, my husband with his crazy faith suggested that we custom build instead. We'd always planned to custom build but I'll admit that I envisioned it happening much later in our lives. But not Sid. He said to me on a drive one day, "I want it all and I'm trusting God to give it to us." He reminded me that we had the power to manifest our dreams. Why wait? With this pregnancy, we are completing our family and honestly, the timing couldn't be better. We are so blessed to have this opportunity. And while it may seem crazy, hasty, or even naive, BIG faith is the Binford way. We will look back on this time with warm memories, memories of family fun, support, and togetherness. Because at the end of the day, family is all that you have. Possessions come and go but the love of family is forever and we work hard to show that to our kids every day.