Blogmas Day 8 : Different Year, Different Christmas

2020 has been anything but normal. This year has been filled with so much chaos and confusion, fear and uncertainty still loom over like a dark cloud hanging low. I need some cheer. We all need some cheer. That's why I'm so happy that the holiday season is here. No matter the specific holiday that you or your family may celebrate, it's hard to deny the festive and bright spirit that December ushers in. We all have our holiday traditions that unfortunately may be cancelled this year due to COVID. Christmas will definitely look a bit different for me and my crew this year. And honestly we are so excited about it. It's been a different kind of year, so keeping with the fashion, we are having a different kind of Christmas.

This year we are spending Christmas in Destin, FL. This will be our first Christmas with all four kids and also, our first Christmas not living in our own home. We've missed out on many traditions that we established in our home, but we look forward to making new memories. When debating on how we would spend our holiday this year, it was really a no-brainer. We missed out on our summer vacation like many of you did due to COVID, so we decided to have a do-over for the holiday. My kids are so excited to take this trip. This is probably the first year ever that we are praying for warmer weather on Christmas. But no matter the weather, the greatest fun will come from just being together. So no matter what your holiday may look like this year, embrace and enjoy it. It’s truly a blessing to have made it this far and if this year has taught me nothing, it has taught me to cherish every single moment on earth and to love those around you while they’re here. Tomorrows aren’t promised so always make the most of your today!