Blogmas Day 7 : Holiday Photo Fiasco!

On Saturday December 5th we took holiday photos for our Christmas card. What led up to the photos was nothing short of a National Lampoon movie. I’ll go ahead and tell you that the pictures turned out beautiful so that you won’t be crushed while reading about our shenanigans. Our week went a little something like this.

I booked our appointment two weeks in advance. The biggest debate was what attire would we wear. After much back and forth, we settled on Christmas pajamas. It was the easiest option as we wouldn’t have to struggle to find outfits for each member. I wasn’t prepared to have trouble locating a print that would fit us all. The hardest to fit was Camylle. Most family pajama sets did not include a newborn or 0-3 month option. Finally, after searching and searching, I found an option at Kohl’s that was available for same day pick up. I placed the order and secured the package. We were all set, or so I thought.

Just two days out from our appointment, my husband started expressing reservations about our attire choice. Jordyn echoed the same sentiments so back to the store we went. This time we were on a hunt for coordinating clothes. Long story short, we found really nice sweaters at Target. Luckily, I’d previously ordered the babies matching outfits from Amazon that fit the color scheme. Though it turned out ok I'll never be pressured again to change at such late notice. I probably made 10 trips back and forth to each Target on the hunt for what online "said" was in stock. It was so nerve-wrecking!

The day of our appointment arrived and it was pure chaos. We were 30 minutes late (see my previous post) and it felt as if everything that could go wrong indeed was. Shoes were missing, things weren‘t fitting, and babies kept crying for a variety of reasons. I thought we’d never get there, missing the appointment all together. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived to the location and began what would be a hilarious series of shots.

Getting all four kids to do the same thing at the same time is literally impossible. Most of the shoot was spent trying to coax Carmyn into smiling. She never did smile nor look at the camera for half of the shots, and her mean old lady glare was front and center in the most decent shot to put on our family Christmas card. Carmyn wasn‘t the only child giving us trouble. For whatever reason, Lauryn found it impossible to look at the camera and smile like a normal little girl. Despite the drama, we had so much fun. Yes, most of our shots will be considered bloopers but that’s what makes them special.

This year has been anything but normal so it is what it is. My kids are as lively and animated as any kid could be under the circumstances. Taking these photos was a reminder of how truly blessed we are. We have happiness, health, and most of all each other. I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else but with this crew. So without further adieu, I present the Binford Family Christmas card for 2020!!!