Blogmas Day 4 : Hurricane Carmyn

Carmyn (smh)! Y’all, (sigh) have no idea. Who knew a baby could have so much personality. She‘s WILD!!!! She’s the third installment to Sid and my love but she‘s made of so much more. She’s headstrong, stubborn, and honestly, sometimes she’s down right mean. She can’t be swayed or tricked into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. She naturally gets away with more than any other kid ever did, and it’s for one reason and one reason only, Mom Guilt!

Carmyn was just 6 months when Camylle was conceived, making them 15 months apart exactly to the day. I struggled with the idea of having to put her aside because I knew the new baby would need much more of my attention. Around 6 months pregnant it started to settle in. She became clingy and whiny which was so unlike her. She could sense and feel the changes coming, and no matter how much she whined, the changes came anyway.

Now at 17 months, she’s feisty, unruly, and demanding. She’s slowly coming around to our new normal but she had a REALLY hard time with this transition. It took weeks for her to even look at the baby. Now she gives her head rubs and kisses. Carmyn is the sweetest when she wants to be, but when she’s not, she’s hell on wheels, and I hope she never loses her fire.

Though she be but little she is fierce

- Shakespeare -