Blogmas Day 3 : What’s On Our Christmas Playlist?

Christmas is truly a magical time. It‘s our family’s favorite time of year, and nothing goes better with family than food, fun, and fellowship. What better way is there to incorporate all those elements than a movie night? I’ll admit that movie nights are plenty in our family because we are movie lovers. We have a movie quote for every situation in life and we love to try and guess who said it.

Because we are movie lovers, and Christmas is our favorite holiday, we naturally have developed a Christmas playlist over the years. Each family member has contributed to the list (with exception to the two newest members Carmyn and Camylle). Some are obvious choices and others may not be, but each movie is a staple in December for the Binfords.

Home Alone 1 & 2 are a given. Nothing is better than watching this bad-ass little boy kick butt for 90 mins straight! Seriously, why did Marv and Harry not run for the hills?

This Christmas is an absolute must watch in our family. This movie is so good and will always be one of our favorite Christmas movies.

What would Christmas be without Clark Griswold and his shenanigans? Christmas Vacation is probably the second most quoted movie in our Christmas picks. We routinely yell "Grace!"

I have to be honest and say that initially, I thought that Almost Christmas would be a This Christmas knockoff. But I am happy to admit that I was wrong. This is a must-see all in its own right. From Monique to Lonnie with his "Shatow", we love to play this and get a good laugh.

A Christmas Story instantly transports me back to childhood. I don't think we ever purposefully put this movie on to watch. It's just on ALL the time. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas time if this movie wasn't playing on the TV in a continuous loop for days on end.

"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!" And by mean one I mean a bad-motha-shut-yo-mouth! While The Grinch is the kid's choice, I totally am always on board to watch this green-mean grumpy machine get some love, compassion, and Christmas spirit.

The final movie choice in our Christmas playlist is not an obvious one, The Godfather. In fact, Jordyn and I joke that the only reason it made the cut is because it's Christmas time during the movie. Does that make it a Christmas movie? To Sid, it certainly does, and he insists that we watch this masterpiece every December. We love this movie, so any excuse to watch is fine by us and by the way, The Godfather IS THE most quoted movie in our family of all time. No matter the character, scene, or mood, we have a Godfather quote to fit the occasion. So in the words of the greatest muscle Luca Brasi, "I'm going to leave you now because I know you are busy." Join us tomorrow for Blogmas Day 4!