Blogmas Day 22 : 10 Fun Facts About The Binfords

1. Sid and I are high school sweethearts. We met in 2002, first semester of our freshman year, and have been together since.

2. Each member in our family shares a very close proximity birthday with an immediate family member. My brother and I have the same birthday 8 years apart. Sid and Jordyn’s birthday are 2 days apart. Lauryn and Carmyn are 11 days apart. And Camylle was born just two days before my niece Kaia. Needless to say, we have dual celebrations around here.

3. We all have the letter y in our name! Camylle almost didn’t make the cut but my sweet delivery nurse talked me into it.

4. We each have 6 letters in our name except Camylle, who has 7 letters which is fitting because she is the 7th member of our family.

5. We actually eat at the dinner table nightly. We also go around and tell each other about our day.

6. We have been pork-free for 5 years. And by we, I mean Sid and me because my mom feeds my children bacon.

7. All of our kids were born in Huntsville at Huntsville Hospital except Lauryn. She was born in Nashville at Vanderbilt. It’s so fitting because she has the biggest southern drawl of all the kids so far.

8. Sid and I didn’t really have an engagement. We told our parents the day before our wedding that we were getting married and to meet us at the church. We march to the beat of a crazy drum!

9. We are homebodies!!! We genuinely like being home, all of us, even the kids. COVID has not really been that hard for us because this is what we do.

10. We love to play board and card games. Jordyn is pretty good at poker and Lauryn is the Trouble queen!!!


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