Blogmas Day 21 : Taking Time For Me

Is it too early for resolutions? Just in case it isn’t, I want to declare mine, loud and proud right here right now. Going into next year, I promise to take more time for myself. I am often so focused on being mommy and wife that I’ve forgotten who Latoya is. I’ve neglected my passions and stalled my dreams. And I’m not ashamed to admit that it was my husband who snapped me back into reality. He has encouraged me to make time for me in the midst of the chaos of parenting. Today was one of those days where I was able to steal away a few moments to myself just for me. As I sat in the salon chair this morning, getting my hair braided, the stylist (and sweet friend of mine) reminded me of the importance of finding time for yourself as a mother. I‘m so incredibly blessed to have people around me who both recognize and encourage self care. I can’t promise that I won’t sometimes be faced with mom-guilt or that I won’t think about the kids even during my time of self care. What I can say is that I love me and I respect and care for myself enough to know that I can’t pour from an empty cup. If I’m not good, my littles won’t be good and their well-being is my number 1 priority. Moms, do you take me time? How often and where/what do you do to de-stress?