Blogmas Day 20 : Galaxy Of Lights

Tonight we had a fun ride through Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Galaxy of Lights. The kids were so excited to see the different displays and we as parents were excited to make this experience as special as possible. First, we cleared out the trunk of our 4Runner and allowed them to pad it with blankets and pillows. They then piled in the back and snuggled in. Next, they watched The Grinch as we waited in line to enter. We arrived at approximately 8:15 pm and finally made it to the gate to enter at about 8:45 pm. Luckily, The Garden has placed light displays leading up to the entrance or it would have been a very boring wait. Finally, as we entered the wonderland, we cranked the Christmas music loud and proud as we studied each display for significance and meaning. Many of the displays were nursery rhyme themed and we had a blast trying to recite them. My husband literally got 0 right, lol!!! My niece then suggested that we take turns telling what our favorite part about Christmas is. I was so proud and happy to hear answers like “Christmas spirit” and “Spending time with family!” Of course they are excited for presents as well and the list of thankfulness wouldn’t be completely accurate if they didn’t tell us so! Overall, it was a great time for our family. During this time of year it isn’t all about what we’re doing as a family as long as we’re together! These are the memories that I hope will last a lifetime!!!

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