Blogmas Day 2 : Going Dairy Free?

I've probably always been lactose intolerant but the older I get, the more it bothers me when I consume it. I love cheese. I love baked brie. I love queso and nachos, and I love Cheesy Chicken Chowder (a Binford family winter tradition). I'll miss the occasional milkshake and ice cream sundae, but most of all, it's the cheese that I'll miss. Why now you ask? Well, I suspect that Camylle may be lactose intolerant as well. She gets so fussy and uncomfortable when I eat or drink it. And since I've committed to nursing, now is as god of time as any.

Because I’ve missed coffee so much, I figure I’d start there! For the last couple of days I’ve used oat milk in my coffee and to my delight, Camylle hasn’t had any discomfort. I got so excited that I ran out and purchased coconut milk whipped cream and almond milk sweet cream coffee creamer to complete my coffee choices. You must understand, it's been so long since I've been able to enjoy coffee. I'll admit that this is a very small step in the direction of going dairy free. I know that I will have to learn a lot and do a lot of researching in order to make this successful. Any dairy free folks out there reading? What products do you use, and where do you purchase them? I'll check back in to let you all know how its going, soon. But until then, remember, our bodies are our temples and we must not only feed it words of the spirit, but we must keep it physically well too!!!