Blogmas Day 19 : Santa’s Cookies

I remember as a child being so excited to bake cookies for Santa. I’d take extra care to leave a plate of cookies worthy of his magical endeavors. Now that I’m a mom, I’ve carried over that excitement to my children. Baking cookies for Santa is probably the highlight of our Christmas Eve. My two oldest kids are really into cooking and baking with me, so naturally we countdown the days, hours, and minutes until we can put on our aprons and start baking.

This year I’ve kicked it up a notch by purchasing an adorable plate set specifically for the occasion. The red and white set features a plate that says cookies and a mug that says milk. In my excitement, I mentioned to my husband that I couldn’t wait to give Santa a cookie sampler on the new ware, and he hit me with it.

“Santa only wants chocolate chip cookies and plain white milk!” Sidney C Binford

This can’t be true!!! My Santa 🎅🏾 is desperate for change, craving new flavors, and seeking variety. My Santa wants chewy gingerbread filled with spices from the East. My Santa wants fancy Southern lace cookies chocked full of pecans picked from Mimi’s tree. And furthermore, my Santa wants eggnog, maybe even spiked! What is this notion that Santa only wants one thing? I’ve never heard of such a thing. What type of cookies are you all baking for Santa and do you change from year to year? Leave a comment and let me know!

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