Blogmas Day 17 : A New Tradition

This year our family has decided to implement a new tradition regarding gifts. This year will be the first annual Sister Christmas for the Binford 4! It’s a simple concept but I think it will add a special touch to our holiday season moving forward. I got the idea from one of my favorite YouTube families, the Binghams! On their channel, This Is How We Bingham, they share a practice of sibling gift giving for Christmas. They are each taken to the store to buy gifts for their siblings. I instantly fell in love with the idea and presented it to the two older children. They, too loved it and have already begun making plans of what to buy for each sister. Sister Christmas will take place on Christmas Eve night and will act as a precursor to the big day.

I hope this tradition carries on for the rest of their lives. Family is so important and we want our girls to know that they are loved not just by their parents, but by their siblings as well. We hope that this is something that will help create a special and unbreakable bond between them. Of course the two littlest members can’t really shop just yet, so I’ll do their shopping. Lauryn and Jordyn are super excited about picking out things for their siblings. They’ve been going round and round trying to come up with the perfect gifts and they both come to me daily asking my opinion of what each sibling may need or want.

They aren’t expected to pick out expensive gifts. That is not the point of the practice. In fact, I will probably take them to the dollar store to shop. The practice is to demonstrate love and thoughtfulness by picking out something that each sibling would like. It’s teaching observation, selflessness, thoughtfulness, and appreciation. There is typically a lesson in everything I do for them, however I especially hope that this one sticks. When my husband and I are passed on from this world, they’ll have each other to lean on. And no matter what life throws, they will know that they have not 1, but 3 sidekicks. What new traditions are you making this year? Or, what old traditions are you most looking forward to?