Blogmas Day 16 : Already on Break

There’s only 9 more days until Christmas and I must admit, I can hardly wait. This week is the kids’ last week of school before officially being on Christmas break. Jordyn, our high schooler has been buried in midterm exams. Lauryn, our homeschooler has been given a very light workload from her amazing teacher. Ok fine, I’m that amazing teacher but you must hear me out before you judge. Let me explain.

Most of her subjects are set to begin a new chapter this week, but they won’t be completed by the time Christmas break begins. So in my defense, why start what can’t be completed? I’ve made the executive decision to reinforce what’s been taught thus far and hold off on introducing new material until second semester. Lauryn has really done well during this weird year and I wanted to not only reward myself, but her as well.

This week, we’re in school in the body but on vacation in the mind. We‘ve been waking up late, getting started late, and generally being very relaxed about our day. We‘re all tapped out and ready for the excitement that next week will bring. There’s no greater feeling than experiencing the joy of the holiday season through the eyes of your children. They make all the scrambling, planning, preparing, and executing worth it. How are you guys handling the anticipation? Are you ready for break or are you already on vacation?