Blogmas Day 11 : The Christmas Tree Dilemma

The Christmas tree is an important part of our holiday. Growing up, I remember my mom decorating the most beautiful Christmas tree. It was filled with keepsake ornaments, black angel figurines, and fancy velvet ribbons. When I became an adult, I carried on that tradition and made the Christmas tree as beautiful as I’d remembered for my kids. This year will be so different. When we sold our house, we gave away every stitch of Christmas decor we had, including the tree. We wanted to start anew in our new home, which works out because as most of you know, this year our family is spending Christmas away in Florida. So, there’s the dilemma of how or if we will incorporate a Christmas tree.

There are a few options that I will present to the family.

Option 1: We can of course just not have a tree. I suspect that this will not do.

Option 2: We can buy a tree and the trimmings down in Florida. But I must admit that I feel this to be a wasteful option, as we’d dispose of it when returning home. I’m not a fan of this option. Option 3: Find a tree alternative. I’ve been on Pinterest and found tons of tree alternative options such as wall garland, blow up trees, and projections.

I‘m down for a different Christmas, but I’m not sure I’m ready to ditch the all important tree. While the tree does not make Christmas, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I love its presence during the holidays. Be sure to check back to see how we decide to incorporate a tree during our travels and if you’ve traveled for Christmas, tell us how and if you had a tree.