35 Weeks and Broke Down

If you didn’t know, I’m pregnant with my fourth child. One thing that I’ve learned over the many years of experiencing this phenomenon called pregnancy, is that no matter how many times you’ve done it, they are always different. For example, with Jordyn (my oldest), I remember how carefree and easy the pregnancy was. I was much younger then. But as my age progressed so did my pregnancy woes.

I typically don't have hard pregnancies. I've watched friends and family struggle from beginning to end with morning sickness, heartburn, gestational diabetes, and other pregnancy ailments that I've been so blessed to avoid. I can't really explain why I've been chosen to avoid these symptoms but I can tell you that this last dance (baby #4) has been a different ball game. I've ached in places unheard of. I've felt things shift and move that shouldn't. I feel like a completely different body has taken over mine and I'm counting the days when I will start to feel "normal" again. Please tell me that "normal" comes back!!! But even with the aches and pains, I was not prepared for what week 35 would bring. It was spent broke down and laid out. Let me explain.

On Tuesday Aug 18th, I started having severe sciatica on the left side. Though I've had mild flare ups of this before, this time was different. The pain was coming in spasms that would last for 10 -20 minutes. I could not move when the spasms would occur. I spent the better part of 30 mins trying to get into bed, but I was frozen. Any slight movement sent excruciating pains through my left butt cheek and down my leg to my calf muscle. When I finally did get into bed, the pains did not subside. I found no relief. I spent the next two (Wednesday and Thursday) in pretty much the same state. I was bed-bound. By Friday, I couldn't take it anymore. My pain was a 10 and the only relief I felt was when I was laying on a heating pad. Bearing weight on the left side had become impossible, so I did what I was trying to avoid. I went to the ER. Let me just say that I was very nervous about going to the hospital. With Covid, I was very uncertain of what the procedures would be and how long I would be held there. I was pleasantly surprised.

When I arrived at the ER entrance, Sid was instructed to drop me off and park for waiting. Due to Covid, no one other than the patient was allowed to enter. I entered and immediately had my temperature taken. I was also asked a series of questions assessing my likelihood of having come into contact with Covid. I was then wheel-chaired in and processed through registration. There was no one other than myself in the waiting room. I was taken to triage and then straight back to a room. The entire process was less than 15 mins. The wait for the doctor was even shorter and after his assessment, he determined that a steroid shot was in order to relieve the pain. Once I received my shot, I was advised to wait for 20 mins to rule out any allergic reaction. I arrived at the ER at 8:15 pm and left at 9:30 pm. I have NEVER gotten in and out like I did that night. I was so fortunate to not only be treated quickly but with such compassion and care by all involved. I was so nervous about being alone, but God even took care of that. Shortly after being placed in the ER room, a familiar face passed by in the hallway. It was my cousin Yolanda, an employee of the hospital. God made a way for me to be with company as I waited. He tends to do that! He never leaves or forsakes me.

Throughout this health scare, I am reminded that God is in control. I allowed fear to consume me during those few days, thinking of the worst case scenario instead of trusting in God. Though this pregnancy has been a far cry from the days when I was 115 lbs and carrying all belly while being able to eat Krispy Kreme daily, I know that this journey is no different than any of the others in this sense. God will protect, God will provide, and God will always be there, in the fire, with me.


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