Meet the Binfords!!!!!

Hi everyone! We're so happy that you have decided to join us on this roller-coaster ride called life. We're the Binfords, a family of 6 from Huntsville, AL. Our family consists of my husband Sidney (33), daughters Jordyn (15), Lauryn (8), Carmyn (17 months), Camylle (2 months), and me Latoya (32). We laugh loud, love hard, and pray daily. We believe that our marriage is a ministry and the first example of love that our daughters will have in their lives. We promote Black love and self-esteem, because as Black children, they will face many nay-sayers that claim that neither exist. We teach them real lessons and we often avoid the sugar coating. Every day holds a new lesson to learn. Don't get me wrong, we have fun, lots of it. We are movie-lovers, adventure-seekers, and sweet treat junkies!!! Our life is not perfect, but its perfect for us!!! Welcome to our life, The Binford Way of Life!!!